To advertise according to the terms below, please contact Master Drawings at

                           4 Issues         3 Issues             2 Issues                   1 Issue
Full Page           $1,950                $1,500               $1,200               $650
Half Page           $1,300                  $1,150              $1,000              $550
Quarter Page       $750                     $625                   $550              $375
Inside Back Cover (full color)  $6,000

These rates cover the initial version of the advertisement. Any subsequent adjustments, including but not limited to typesetting, layout, illustration, and design, will be made at the expense of the advertiser, depending on the nature of the alteration. A separate invoice will be issued on each such occasion, and may be dated well after the publication of the relevant issue.

Deadlines & Publication Dates
Number 1 [Spring] – January 15, published in March
Number 2 [Summer] – April 1, published in June
Number 3 [Fall] – July 15, published in September
Number 4 [Winter] – October 15, published in December

It is strongly recommended that advertisers submit material well before the deadlines for copy, via a quick and traceable delivery service. Projected dates of publication are approximate: please take this into account when submitting dated material, i.e., exhibition and auction announcements. No refunds will be made in the event of late publication.

Order of Index
Each advertiser will be listed alphabetically in the list of Advertisers in this Issue that divides the editorial and advertising sections in every issue. The advertisers name, city (or cities), and page number is listed here, e.g.,
206 Morgan Library & Museum (New York)

Advertisers receive one copy of each issue in which their advertisement appears.

Size of Trimmed Page: 
Width: 216 mm x Height: 268 mm

Size of Advertisements: 
Full-page: Width: 150 mm x Height: 220 mm
Half-page: Width: 150 mm x Height: 106 mm
Quarter-page: Width: 72 mm x Height: 106 mm

  • Advertisements should, preferably, have a border.
  • Advertisements may not “bleed” to the edge of the page.

Technical Requirements
Advertisements must be submitted digitally per the following specifications:

  • Master Drawings no longer accepts film or mechanicals from advertisers.
  • Files may be submitted in one of the following two formats:
  • High-resolution (300 dpi), print-quality *.pdf files plus font files.
  • All fonts must be included. All fonts must include printer fonts and screen fonts.
  • No True Type fonts will be accepted.
  • All advertisements must be collected for output.
  • Please include name of graphic designer or other contact person, phone number, fax number, e-mail address and any other contact information for troubleshooting.

Rejection of Advertisements
Advertisements may be rejected in part or in their entirety at the discretion of the journal.

Content of Advertisements
Master Drawings Association and any body thereof is not responsible for the content of advertisements or claims made by advertisers for goods offered for sale, including but not limited to artist attributions and provenance.

Return of Submitted Materials
Submitted materials will be returned to advertiser only upon written request at time of submission.

Receipt of your order constitutes your acceptance of the terms outlined above. Every effort will be made to contact advertisers in the event of changes to these terms and guidelines.