Volume 50
Number 3, 2012

Master Drawings, Volume 50 No. 3 (Fall 2012)

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“Landscapes in the New Italian or Antique Way”: The Drawn Oeuvre of
Matthijs Cock Reconsidered

Virginie D’haene

New Insights into the Working Methods of Hans Bol (1534–1593)
Stefaan Hautekeete

Bruegel/Breughel/Bril: The “Lugt Group” Revisited
Louisa Wood Ruby

Sebastiaen Vrancx’s Illustrations of Virgil’s Aeneid: New Additions
Louisa Wood Ruby

The Drawings of Jan Siberechts
Gregory Rubinstein


Peter Schatborn, Rembrandt and His Circle: Drawings in the Frits Lugt Collection
Holm Bevers