Volume 60
Number 1, 2022

Master Drawings vol. 60.1, Diamond Jubilee: Essays in honor of Chips Moore



Reflecting on Ruins: The Earliest Landscape Drawings by Jan van de Velde II
Robert Fucci

A Drawing by Karel van Mander I at the Frances Lehman Loeb Art Center, Vassar College
Elizabeth Nogrady

Two Seated Monkeys: The Earliest “Pen Works” by Jacob Matham
Yvonne Bleyerveld

David Bailly: Good Fortune in Companionship
Victoria Sancho Lobis

A Note on Charles Emil Duits and His Collection of Drawings
Casey Lee

Acquisition Affinities: Following the Lead of the Chips Moore Collection
Stephanie Schrader

A Double-sided Drawing by Cornelis van Poelenburch in the Moore Collection
Austėja Mackelaitė

Putting the Pieces Back Together: Rembrandt’s Lamentation Drawing under the Microscope
Olenka Horbatsch, Rebecca Snow, and Samantha Taylor

Previously Undiscovered Versos in the “Rembrandt” Collection at Weimar
Thomas Ketelsen

Rembrandt Drawings: Three Versos and a Defense of Two Attributions
Jeroen Giltaij

Commemorating a Hero: Jan Lievens’s Portrait Drawings of Admiral Tromp
Gregory Rubinstein

Herman Saftleven: Sailing from Amsterdam to St. Petersburg to New York
Jane Shoaf Turner

Govert Flinck and Jacob van Loo in a Collegie van Schilders
William W. Robinson

Dogs by the Dozen: New Attributions to Ludolf de Jongh
Annemarie Stefes

Alternating Angels: Some Drawings by Ferdinand Bol from the Book of Tobit
Ilona van Tuinen

Study of Ruined Buildings by Jan Baptist Weenix: A Brief Dedication to Chips Moore
Anke Van Wagenberg-Ter Hoeven

Study of Ruined Buildings by Jan Baptist Weenix: A Brief Dedication to Chips Moore
Anke Van Wagenberg-Ter Hoeven

Views of Rome by Karel Dujardin: Some New Attributions
Peter Schatborn

Cornelis Visscher’s Roma Mother with Children: Transforming a Prototype by Jacques de Gheyn
Joanna Sheers Seidenstein

In the “Gezellige” Company of Dirck Helmbreeker
Maud van Suylen

New Attributions to Johannes Leupenius
Lukas Nonner

On the Road with Esaias and Jan van de Velde II
Christien Melzer

Beyond Callot: Reconsidering Eight “Spookerijen” Traditionally Attributed to Cornelis Saftleven
Carolyn Mensing

Some New Attributions to Tethart Philipp Christian Haag
Charles Dumas

Wybrand Hendriks and Willem Philip Kops: A Fruitful Friendship
Michiel Plomp

A Copy after Anthonie Waterloo by John Constable
Marleen Ram

Two Eighteenth-century Adaptations of a Print by Anthonie Waterloo
Robert-Jan te Rijdt