Volume 61
Number 4, 2023


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Heart Problem: A Rereading of Martin Schongauer’s Young Woman Fanning a Fire

Luming Guan

Two Rare Sheets by the Sicilian Pietro d’Asaro, Called il Monocolo di Racalmuto

Sergio Alcamo

Inspired in Ink: The First Drawing by Juan Bautista Maíno

Mario Zamora Pérez and Ángel RodrÍguez Rebollo

A Drawing by Antonio de Pereda in the Biblioteca Nacional de España

Ángel RodrÍguez Rebollo

Michel-Ange Houasse and His Father, René-Antoine Houasse: New Drawings, New Perspectives

Francois Marandet

“The world of drawing is a whole world of itself ”

Alex Katz in conversation with Isabelle Dervaux


Yasmin Doosry, ed., Hans Hoffmann: Ein europäischer Künstler der Renaissance

Giulia Bartrum


Thomas Ketelsen and Oliver Hahn, eds., Die Sammlung der niederländischen Zeichnungen in Weimar: Ein Handbuch

Annemarie Stefes


Neil Jeffares, Maurice-Quentin de La Tour

Oliver Wunsch